True Nodes

True nodes in the birth chart are places of past lives (south node) and this life (north node). These signs and houses navigate you through your current life. South node and house is where you have spent many past lives. Something you already know innatly and are particularly good at.

In this life, you will follow your north node. The north node will navigate you towards a balance between what you know and how you teach, love and help the world in this life. North node degree will be your hard spot, something you do not know, or something that will not come easily in this life.

You will educate this house in this lifetime. Learning new degrees and balancing what you are already. Incorporating your south node house into your true node house is the best way to feel fulfilled in life. When you study your south and north nodes you will better understand your true purpose here on Earth.

We may spend the first part of our lives doing what we know and wondering why we feel or felt stuck and/or unaccomplished. Then when attaining knowledge like these valuable house placements, we then rise to our rightful place on this Earth.

Directions to a happier you is just true nodes away.

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