Earthing in 2019

Earthing is quickly becoming a new agers cup of tea. Humans developed with close connection directly to the Earth, and shoe wear was for long distances and traveling to protect the wearer from sharp objects and weather.

Grounding is a completely natural and almost innate drive in human kind.

This foot to ground technique is a beneficial and compelling task for all humans living on this beautiful green planet.

We are naturally drawn to taking our shoes off at the beach or when we are in some fresh green grass, but there are many health benefits that come from Earthing.

How Does Earthing Work?

The science behind Earthing, and connecting foot to ground is astonishing. The benefits include[1]:

  • Neutralizes Free Radicals
  • Improves Sleep
  • Pain Management
  • Improves Stress Levels (Cortisol)
  • Improves Inflammation and Immunity
  • Better Energy Throughout Day
  • Faster Healing of Muscles
  • Relief of Muscle Tension
  • Quickens Healing Time
  • Lowers Blood Pressure

The Earth puts off billions of free electrons. These electrons are absorbed through your body through the feet, skin or through specific products that absorb and then disperse these electrons into your body. Free electrons are powerful antioxidants that heal bodily ailments[2].

Improved sleep quality was shown when people began to step outside and ground! Falling asleep faster and waking up more clear headed and well rested.

Pain and tension subsided for people who Earthed more often, this is amazing! Imagine the pain you feel now, literally going away because you took 10 mins a day to step in the grass! The longer you are grounded on Earth, the less pain you will feel, wow!

Another impact of Earthing was stress levels. The cortisol that produces the negative stress headaches, frustration, and irritation was greatly reduced and people felt more stress free and happy after grounding.

These results may be subtle at first, but people who participated in these studies noticed the affects quite rapidly. The longer and more often you ground.. the better your overall life will get. That is worth it, to me to feel the Earth between my toes.

Earthing also just feels good on the senses of your feet, the feel-good sensations promote an overall feeling of well-being and care-free ability.

Running around, walking in and connecting yourself to the Earth can bring happiness through physical memory of childhood. Feel-good moments you had growing up, experiencing nature and the outdoors for the first time.

As we grow older we are more prone to wearing our shoes for comfort, cleanliness, or convenience. When we take a moment to dip our feet into the dirt or grass near us we can take a part of the beauty and bounty (Earth) into our spirits.

Grounding from Anywhere

Earthing in 2019 is even more advanced than we could have imagined. With mats, grounding/earthing shoes, and other tech devices helping humans connect back with Gaia.

If you live in a place where nature isn’t abundant but still want to get the great affects of the earth check out earthing shoes. Specifically designed to help people connect through the soles straight to the Earth.

Also sleeping mats and sheets designed to ground while you are laying/resting in bed. Perfect for city folks who do not have a great place to ground in their local areas. These bedding accessories will give you the earthy vibrations directly while you sleep.

There are also cool bracelets you can use anywhere, any time of day! Great for traveling and busy people, the ease of use and the benefits come at an affordable price.

But the best, least expensive and simplest way is walking in the dirt, grass and rocks.. barefoot!

Next time you find yourself in a beautiful nature filled area, do yourself and your body a favor, and take off those shoes!


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