Meditative Words

Some words to focus on when practicing mindfulness and developing skills to de-stress. I am going to make a word jar (with these words in it) to pull out some meditation when I need some ZEN. 🙂

Moon in Cancer

Emotions run deep for this moon sign. Feeling things out before jumping in; this moon sign is sensitive. Moon in Cancer uses prudent precision when entering into anything new. Relationships and love fill the mind and heart of this moon sign, taking deliberate steps towards profound connections with their loved ones. A very powerful place for the moon to revel.

Deeper feelings and de toute nécessité is present from the Moon. Lune attains unconcious thoughts and emotions. Reflections of our vraie même are found in this enlightened planet. La concrétisation of immortality are found through the Moon.

colour: white

metal: silver

crystal: moonstone



Mother and Goddess, Cancer is ruled by the moon. She is the all knowing emotions and nurturer. Depth of Cancer soul is endless, like that of the Oceans. Calming and compassionate, Cancer is always rescuing someone. Taking care of people and nursing them back to health. She is tender, alluring and sensitive.

element: water

planet: Moon

quality: cardinal


A strong sheild of protection for the wearer. Obsidian blocks psychic attacks and absorbs mal energy from its surroundings. Cleansing and purifying the mind, and wards off addictions, fears and mental tension. Benefits and aids in truth and prophecy.


Abundance is found by the Moonstone with connection to divine feminine. Advancing digestive health and reproduction. Patience is enhanced by the Moonstone. While mental balance is restored. This stone activates the third eye and crown chakra. Knowledge of self is elevated. Intensifying intuition, the Moonstone boosts psychic abilities and strengthens hope in the wearer.